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Raising awareness

During the election period, as always, Australia's think tanks will be scrutinising the merits of political campaign promises while their boards help them to push for better public policy.

The more things change?

As the major parties sharpen their election 2022 narratives, the battle will be for the centre, but directors, keen for action on long-term policy challenges, have their doubts.

Stress test

The AICD is committed to assisting our members with the information, tools and resources they need to steward their organisations through these challenging times.

Casting a vote of confidence

The latest AICD Directors’ Sentiment Index paints a more optimistic picture for 2022, with climate, cybersecurity and infrastructure investment front of mind.

2021 Essential Director Update Presentation by Lisa Chung AM FAICD

For her presentation, Lisa Chung covered trends in D&O insurance, sexual harassment in the workplace, diversity, community and stakeholder expectations, government boards and challenges in the not...

AICD Governance Snapshot: The board’s role in preventing workplace sexual harassment

The AICD encourages directors and management to work together to foster safe workplaces for their employees. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to responding to workplace sexual harassment.

Business must build on record high trust levels: 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer

For the first time, business is seen as the most trusted institution in Australia, and leadership in the business community will be critical to post-pandemic recovery, says Edelman’s Australian ...

Australia's system of federalism presents a reform challenge

Federalism reform should remove the disincentives for states to clean up their economic act, as improvements in one will have flow-on benefits that help all Australian jurisdictions, writes Professor ...

Sentiment bounces back despite COVID-19 economic uncertainty crisis: Director Sentiment Index

The latest Director Sentiment Index (DSI) has revealed a jump in director sentiment, despite the on-going economic uncertainty triggered by COVID-19.

How can business leaders sit at the policy table and ensure their voice is heard?

As an economic crisis hangs heavy over the nation, governments have indicated they will lead a pro-growth strategy to bring the country out of recession. With a significant reform agenda on the cards,...
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