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4 takeaways from the Public Sector Governance Forum:19

Public sector governance is more challenging than it has ever been. Low trust, digital transformation and skill shortages were front of mind at the Public Sector Governance Forum:19 held recently in C...

What claims can be made against you?

Learn what to do if someone makes a claim against you.

Organisation definitions

A private company is a company that is registered as, or converts to, a proprietary company under the Corporations Act 2001 (C’th). Directors of proprietary companies have legal duties and responsibil...

How do we fix Australia's waste crisis?

It will take more than local councils banning plastic bags to fix the national waste crisis, says Gabrielle Upton. Should the federal government implement a new waste management policy?

10 areas of focus for the Coalition government

The Coalition's return to power has boosted confidence among many, but where to from here? From climate change to tax cuts, this is what's ahead for the Scott Morrison government.

Support for Indigenous constitutional recognition continues

As Australian businesses rally for constitutional recognition of the First Nation's people, attention turns to the Coalition government to update the political agenda.

Balanced reform

A period of stable government is an opportunity for reform that must not be wasted.

Why public servants are an asset in the private sector

Perceptions of how government and business work could not be more different. Government is layered, complex and bureaucratic, while business is lean, mean and profit-driven. But the reality of oversee...

2019 Post-election economic outlook

In the wake of the “status quo” election result, what’s next for the Australian economy? On the agenda are an ongoing housing sector correction, likely official Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) interes...

The governance of government

Government bureaucracy is under the spotlight for accountability and transparency with the independent review into the Australian Public Service report due in June.
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