About the Principles

The Principles provide a detailed, practical and principles-based framework to help not-for-profits to achieve good governance. The development of the Principles has been informed by detailed consultation with the not-for-profit sector.
Foundations of Directorship

Background to the Principles

The AICD has established the Principles as part of its commitment to promote good governance in the not-for-profit sector.


The AICD encourages NFPs to consider assessing how their governance practices align with the Principles and consider reporting to stakeholders on this, on a voluntary, ‘if not, why not’ basis.
Face to face


The Principles draw on the experience and insight of directors, executives, their advisers and the broader not-for-profit sector.

Structure of the Principles


10 Principles

The cornerstone of the document are the ten ‘principles’ which provide a framework to understand governance in a not-for-profit context
Develop a Director Mindset

Supporting practices

Each of the ten principles includes several supporting practices which describe the activities or behaviours of organisations that are likely to be meeting the principles.
Grow your knowledge

Guidance and case studies

Detailed guidance and case studies are provided to help users to understand and apply the principles in their own unique circumstances.