NFP Insights

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  • Introduction - The Story Behind the Ambitious Effort to Reform Australia's NFP Sector by Linda Lavarch
  • Chapter 1 - The Personality of Australian Non-profit Boards - Evidence from a Large-scale Study by Associate Professor Gavin Nicholson FAICD, Professor Myles McGregor- Lowndes OAM, Professor Cameron Newton
  • Chapter 2 - Culture in Not-for-profit Boards by Kathleen Townsend GAICD
  • Chapter 3 - Investment Policy Statements - Key Considerations for an NFP Board by Andrew Thomas MAICD
  • Chapter 4 - Looking After Volunteers by Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes OAM
  • Chapter 5 - The Chief Executive's Perspective by Dr Stephen Judd FAICD
  • Chapter 6 - Governing for Success in NFPs by Liesel Wett FAICD
  • Chapter 7 - Administering Australia's First National Charity Law Regime - Some Personal Perspectives by Susan Pascoe AM FAICD
  • Chapter 8 - NFP Financial Management in Focus - Financial Insights for Long-term Sustainability by Vanessa Nolan-Woods
  • Chapter 9 - Musings from the Chair by Rowena McNally MAICD
  • Chapter 10 - Charitable Corporations - Keeping Focused on the Main Game by Anne Robinson FAICD
  • Chapter 11 - Eyes Wide Open - Working with Government by Professor Peter Shergold AC FAICD
  • Chapter 12 - Fundraising and Boards - Be a Leader and a Meddler! by Dr Wendy Scaife
  • Chapter 13 - NFP Financial Sustainability - An Organisational, Government and Community Issue by Joe Shannon
  • Chapter 14 - NFP Governance through the Lense of Cooperative Research Centres by Dr Katharine Woodthorpe FAICD