Workforce Issues for Boards


Fairness in workforce reductions: How Australian businesses can give staff a fair go

The impact of COVID-19 has seen changes to employment arrangements that were otherwise unimaginable. So how can leaders ensure that their workforce reductions are fair?

ASIC releases guidance on COVID-19 financial reporting

On 28 April, ASIC released guidelines on financial reporting and audit matters that are a must-read for all directors.

Difficult employment decisions are one thing, communicating them well is another

In our current crisis, many leaders can’t promise job security, but they also don’t want to communicate that jobs may be at risk. How can company directors help manage this dynamic?

JobKeeper Scheme: What directors need to know

Perhaps one of the most delicate and fraught challenges facing businesses in the midst of COVID-19 is the management of staff. As the economic downturn deepens, and cash flow constraints present, boar...

COVID-19: Supporting your organisation’s work-from-home mobilisation

For some, remote working has been a valuable working solution for several years. However it didn’t just occur overnight and, for many, it was possible because they could depend on a co-located office-...

Managing WHS risks from COVID-19: What questions should boards be asking?

COVID-19 presents many work health and safety (WHS) issues for organisations, including how to protect workers from contracting the virus and what WHS risks should be considered as the nation shifts ...

Coronavirus wage subsidy scheme: what you need to know

The Federal government has announced $130 billion in wage subsidies to halt the unemployment spiral caused by COVID-19.

COVID-19 and NFPs: What directors need to know and helpful resources

This is a challenging time and we recognise all not-for profits (NFPs) and charities are facing extraordinary challenges across multiple fronts, ranging from solvency and liquidity concerns to employ...

COVID-19: Effective internal and external crisis communications

The COVID-19 pandemic is both a social and financial crisis where trust will be central to corporate and political survival. People at all levels of the organisation are being asked to change the way ...

Navigating workplace relations through COVID-19

A lot of organisations are grappling with difficult employee issues in this sudden and unexpected health and economic crisis. Many companies and their boards are considering what options are availabl...