Author: Julie Garland McLellan

Print ISBN: 9781502862389

Why do people join not-for-profit boards? The reasons for supporting any particular cause are many. So are the events that can, will and do happen in the boardroom. Many who choose to join not-for-profit boards are keen to make an impact and support important missions, but they are also unprepared for the need to make sound and timely judgements with very little previous exposure or experience.

Not-For-Profit Board Dilemmas helps bridge this inexperience gap. The twenty case studies are based on real-life events and are designed to provide directors with insights into key legal and practical issues and help them craft a winning strategy for their organisations.

Using a case study approach, Julie Garland McLellan harnesses the contributions of forty board practitioner who share their insights and distil their complex experience into concentrated and accessible solutions.

The ideas voiced by respondents to each dilemma are not the final ruling or definitive correct answer – rather they provoke contemplation and are the basis for further thought:

  • Whom do you agree with most?
  • What other aspects should you consider?
  • Why are some response instinctively rejected?
  • Why are some responses immediately attractive?
  • What would you do under the circumstances?