COVID-19 – how should your board respond

Back in March, when COVID-19 was first declared a pandemic and businesses were scrambling to respond, our top story of the year summarised the role of the board and the questions directors should be asking.

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JobKeeper Scheme: What directors need to know

One of the most delicate and fraught challenges businesses faced in the midst of COVID-19 was the management of staff. This article in April provided directors with an overview of the JobKeeper Scheme.

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COVID-19: What directors need to know about the lifting of director liability for insolvent trading

As part of a range of economic measures in response to COVID-19, in April the government announced temporary relief for directors from personal liability for insolvent trading. Our policy team outline what this means for directors.

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COVID-19: Can your business get rent relief?

The government also announced a range of measure to assist tenants as part of its coronavirus response. This article in May explored the details of the rent relief available.

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The COVID-19 leadership test: How effectively is your board chaired?

In June we looked at the skills and qualities a chair needs to perform their role effectively including how they must adapt for the COVID-19 environment and the leadership required when the future is uncertain.

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COVID-19 and NFPs: What directors need to know and helpful resources

Not-for profits and charities have faced extraordinary challenges across multiple fronts this year and in March our policy team provided guidance and links to key resources.

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The ongoing impact of bushfires on the Australian economy

Before COVID-19, Australia's bushfire season caused catastrophic damage. In Company Director in March, chief economist Mark Thirlwell discussed the economic cost of natural disasters.


The 3 causes of dysfunctional boards – and what we can do about them

In November, organisational psychologist Rob Newman explored the impact of director behaviours and group dynamics - and the boardroom cultures these create, on board effectiveness.

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Issues facing the Australian economy in 2020

In Company Director in April, chief economist Mark Thirlwell discussed the wave of issues influencing Australia's economic landscape in 2020.

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