Self-assessment Tool

Designed to guide your director professional development, the Self-assessment Tool allows you to assess your current director capabilities and skills. By understanding your current skill set, you can better focus your professional development, enhance your skills, and confidently undertake your role in the ever-evolving governance environment.

The assessment only takes 20 minutes and can be completed at any time, anywhere and on any device. It will:

  • provide you with a real-time customised report detailing areas of strength and areas for development
  • suggest a detailed learning pathway tailored to your sector
  • compare your report with previous reports to confirm the shift in your skills and capability
  • enable you to compare yourself with other members in the same sector who have completed the SAT
  • give you the option of sharing your report with an AICD executive to engage in a personalised career conversation

The tool is appropriate for directors of all levels of expertise and experience, and we recommend completing it at least once a year to track your development progress.

Self-assess today to understand how you can improve your board performance and decision-making with professional development that will have a long-lasting impact on your director career.