Three main issues face directors in Australia and overseas over the next few months in the wake of the pandemic, according to Marley Spoon chair Deena Shiff FAICD. These relate to technology, supply chain shock and staffing.

“Three issues are front of mind for me,” she told AICD in a recent interview. “Firstly, how to double down on enabling technology, bearing in mind that not only our companies, but global companies are doubling down on technology to improve productivity and output as a result of the economic shock caused. 

“Secondly, securing the supply chain and making sure that inputs that we source are indeed manufactured, so that our companies are more resilient going forward. 

“And thirdly, how do we plan for the long term with getting the right talent into our companies?”

Shiff says she is also really eager to talk at the Australian Governance Summit 2022 about human capital and how boards think about their people, and about longterm planning for talent within companies.

Shiff is speaking at The Workforce of Tomorrow session of the Australian Governance Summit 2022, to be held in Melbourne on March 2 and 3. Register now to attend.