Paul Woosley MAICD, Director Oreco Group, AICD Queensland Divisional Council

"Focus on the systems, the plan and culture of the company. In my organisation it’s been fast growing, fast moving, and the culture is something that has probably slipped which is the most important thing you need to focus on."

Adjunct Professor Linda Apelt GAICD, Chair Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited

"Good governance starts with a very solid foundation of ethics. I have seen firsthand how that can make the business of the company so much more transparent, coherent and successful."

Georgie Somerset FAICD, Chairman Red Earth Community Foundation South Burnett Limited, Director Australian Broadcasting Corporation

"Never be afraid to ask the question. No-one else brings your question to the table, no-one else brings your perspective."

Don Taylor FAICD, Former Chairman GrainCorp Limited

"Being a good director is about recognising you’re part of a team. It’s not about egos, it’s not about showing how smart you are it’s about working how you fit in that team and how you can add value to that team."

Bill Grant OAM FAICD, Director New Hope Group

"It’s a bit like kissing frogs, they don’t all turn into princes. You’ve got two options, to try and change that culture or leave."

Annabelle Chaplain FAICD, Chairman Queensland Airports Limited, Director Downer-EDI, AICD Queensland Divisional Council

"You’ve got to look more broadly than just the financials, the bottom line. It’s important to look at the impact that your company is having on the community in which you’re operating, whether it’s environmental impact or regional employment or how you can assist the community with health and education outcomes."

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