In what has been an extraordinary year for corporate governance, the liabilities and risks have lifted for directors, warns Mr Bradley. As a result, this year’s Essential Director Update will focus on corporate culture and conduct, which remain in the spotlight, and a number of other areas including social purpose, he says.

“Amongst the developments we will focus on are the way the bar has been lifted for directors in their role of managing and monitoring corporate culture and conduct. This bar was lifted last year by the APRA CBA report but also this year of course by the banking Royal Commission on banking misconduct.”

Starting in Sydney on 2 October 2019, the Essential Director Update will also look at the importance of organisations having impeccable regulatory compliance procedures in place, how directors can manage their risks of liability, and the role of boards in articulating the social purpose of their organisations. “I think the developments of the last year have had implications for directors of companies of all kinds. It’s really important that directors stay ahead of all of these issues,” says Mr Bradley.

In addition to the keynote address, this year’s event will also feature a panel discussion where the issues will be explored by directors from across sectors.

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