Building Queensland

In 2018, Building Queensland engaged the Australian Institute of Company Directors to deliver its Foundations of Directorship course to the management team. As a statutory body governed by an eight-member Board, the course was identified as an opportunity to better understand the roles and responsibilities of the organisation’s Board and to provide a foundation for future Board representation by the management team.

Building Queensland structured the three-day course into six half-day sessions delivered in-house. A rotation of Board members attended the sessions which promoted strategic discussions, provided a platform to explore opportunities for improved governance practices and facilitated an in-depth discussion on risk management.

A key outcome from the joint participation by the management team and Board members was a mutual recognition that communication is key to achieving the organisation’s vision. Building Queensland’s management team are now more intently monitoring and reporting performance against the strategic plan—a move that will be embedded across the organisation.

Building Queensland is the state government’s infrastructure advisor. Working closely with Queensland Government agencies, including departments, government-owned corporations, and nominated statutory authorities, Building Queensland’s core functions are to develop and independently prioritise the state's infrastructure proposals.