What is Director Nexus?

Director Nexus is a dynamic, personalised experience with a strong focus on enhancing performance through group learning.

Structured over a 12-month period, Director Nexus provides collegiate support from a small, exclusive group of peers within a highly interactive environment. 

Together, you will seek perspectives, share opinions and gain practical guidance on boardroom issues, while enhancing your professional development as a director.

How does Director Nexus work?

The program is supported by Company Directors and guided by an experienced chairman over a 12-month period.

How is Director Nexus structured?

The program includes 10 two-hour group meetings over 12 months, ad-hoc support from your cohort and an end-of-year group function for only $1,890.

What do the group meetings include?

  • An experienced chairman to provide support and feedback 
  • Guest speakers sourced by Company Directors if appropriate
  • A flexible range of topics based on current issues and social and political changes
  • Perspectives, guidance and honest discussion with people you can trust
  • Limited number of participants to maximise opportunity for interaction
  • Support from Company Directors, including the distribution of agendas and notes
  • Light refreshments

Managing confidentiality

All Nexus meetings are held in the strictest confidence.

It is critical for us to provide an environment in which participants can securely and freely share insights and experiences. Group members will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to commencement of the Director Nexus program.

Is Director Nexus for you?

To participate, you must be an Australian Institute of Company Directors member who holds a director position or has experience as a non-executive director on one or more formally established boards.

How will you benefit?

  • Share thoughts and experiences on emerging issues with your peer group
  • Recognise how to enhance your boardroom processes and decision making
  • Commit to ongoing personal learning and development
  • Keep up-to-date on governance and director issues
  • Improve your personal positioning as a director
  • Speak openly and honestly in an interactive environment

Customised courses for your board or organisation

Our In-House service can work with you to build tailored development
solutions that meet the unique needs of your board or organisation.