Is your board up to date on the new whistleblowing laws?

Greater protections are now in place for whistleblowers, and directors must understand the implications for those who breach their new obligations.

Trustees face increased scrutiny following recent superannuation decision

APRA's failed proceedings against superannuation entities in Federal Court has implications for the sector and trustees, says Professor Pamela Hanrahan.

ASIC urges companies to better manage non-financial risk

Speaking from the 2019 Essential Director Update, ASIC chair James Shipton shares the Corporate Governance Taskforce results into the oversight and management of non-financial risk.

Resuscitating Ambulance Victoria

In 2014, a string of public scandals resulted in a loss of trust and a sacked board. Now, a new chair and CEO are working to revive Ambulance Victoria.

APRA chair Wayne Byres' remedy for business after the banking Royal Commission

Following the banking Royal Commission, APRA chair Wayne Byres believes there is still hope for self-regulation in the finance industry.

ASIC releases Corporate Governance Taskforce report on non-financial risk

AICD's head of Advocacy, Louise Petschler, details findings from ASIC's Corporate Governance Taskforce, from non-financial risk to psychologists in the boardroom.

Continuous education will help your board innovate for the future

Directors must ensure they continue to upskill and learn if they expect their organisations to successfully innovate for the future, says Kate Harper GAICD.

This banana farmer is tackling Australia's food waste crisis through sustainable innovation

Krista Watkins stumbled upon a sustainable and nutritional way to make flour from green lady finger bananas. Now, her company, Natural Evolution, is tackling our national food waste issue.

5 tips for inspiring fresh ideas

Lynn Wood, founder of global ideas platform IdeaSpies, shares her top tips for coming up with new ideas.

How does Australia's corporate tax stack up globally?

Phil Ruthven AM compares Australia's corporate tax take to the wider global economy.
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