hype cycle update

The 2018 Gartner Hype Cycle finds five major trends in emerging technologies:

Democratised AI: One of the most disruptive technologies, AI is fast becoming available to the masses thanks to cloud computing, the open source and the “maker” community. It includes PaaS (platform as a service software) and smart robots.

Digitalised ecosystems: Emerging technologies will need support from dynamic ecosystems with newer business strategies and a move to platform-based business models. Examples include blockchain and digital twins, a virtual copy of a real object.

DIY biohacking: 2018 was the beginning of a “trans-human” age. This will range from simple diagnostics to neural implants and be subject to legal and societal questions about ethics and humanity. It includes nutrigenomics and experimental biology.

Transparently immersive experiences: Technology within smart workplaces, such as smart whiteboards, is becoming increasingly human-centric. Interlink devices, sensors and tools in the home allow for contextualised and personalised domestic experiences.

Ubiquitous infrastructure: Cloud computing and the “always on” limitless infrastructure environment have changed the landscape. Quantum computing will have a huge impact on machine learning, encryption and analytics.


hype cycle update