Topic: Work Health and Safety


When organisational wellbeing became a necessity rather than a luxury

Health and safety is the single greatest risk faced by boards. With the ultimate responsibility and resulting consequences of health and safety governance practices resting with boards, identifying, q...

A matter of health and safety

Boards must ditch traditional non-disclosure agreements in favour of more effective tools that create a safe, open and transparent company culture.

Time to listen and act

Australia has had a necessary and overdue conversation about sexual harassment, sexual assault and women’s safety.

Vaccines as a workplace issue

As Australia’s vaccine rollout proceeds, many employers are grappling with the question of whether they can launch vaccination policies in the workplace. Here we assess the picture, which is a grey ar...

Preventing workplace sexual harassment - obligations for directors

In January 2021, Safe Work Australia released new guidance aimed at assisting directors and officers discharge their duties under WHS laws to address the risk of sexual harassment occurring in the wor...

A partnership driven by shared values

Aspiring to the same high standards, ANCAP Safety CEO Carla Hoorweg and chair Andy Cornish offer their views on effective leadership.

Western Australia Parliament passes new Work Health and Safety Bill

Directors in Western Australia should be aware of a critical development in the work health and safety landscape, with the recent passing of the Work Health and Safety Bill 2019 (WA) (Bill).

Why staff wellness needs investment as part of a board risk strategy

The spotlight has been thrown onto the importance of staff mental health and wellbeing in a major way this year and board members need to get actively involved, develop strategies and obtain expert ad...

Workplace 2021: The new hybrid office model

We all know that the world of work has changed and that life in the office will be different. But what will the workplaces of 2021 look like? As we approach the end of 2020, companies in Australia inc...

How have directors' WHS obligations changed?

From keeping workers virus-free to managing remote working risks, there are new WHS considerations for boards to be aware of. Here's what directors need to know.
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