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Is your technology really working for you? Let us help you perform an audit to get your software and hardware in order


How one NFP turned a digital threat into a business opportunity

Charity sector operator Good2Give confronted new competition by disrupting itself. Their experience holds lessons for all NFPs on the value of embracing digital transformation.

This startup is using nanosatellites to make data more accessible for Australians

Using nanosatellites that orbit the earth, Myriota is changing the game of data distribution, making data easily accessible for all Australians.

Artificial Intelligence can boost growth

The rise of Artificial Intelligence represents a major shake-up for boardrooms. Professor Andrew Beer, Dean of Research & Innovation at UniSA Business School said AI presents a myriad of opportunities...

The craft of entrepreneurship

Perth based entrepreneur Bill Withers reflects on the value of long, strong relationships and good culture after selling his global mining business.

Alan Finkel AO on robo-directors and artificial general intelligence

Robo-directors are already operating in the world and a non-human entity named Vital has sat since 2014 on a board for Hong Kong venture capital firm Deep Knowledge Ventures, according to Australia’s ...

The business of blockchain and disruption

At a recent AICD Leaders’ Lunch in Melbourne, three panelists discussed the big issues for directors over the next year.

6 helpful ways to improve IT governance on your board

IT can be a tricky topic for boards given many lack the knowledge to properly govern technology functions. We list 6 ways to ensure your board is maximising its IT potential.

3 crucial rules to improve your board's cyber security

From corporate email, to password management, to multi-level authentication, these basic rules help strengthen cyber security.

High-tech disruption: what boards must do

Buying tech skills through acquisitions too often causes value destruction.

AI may help businesses rebuild consumer trust: Flamingo AI CEO

Dr Catriona Wallace is the Founder and CEO of AI fintech and ASX-listed company Flamingo AI. Flamingo AI is the second female-led (CEO and Chair) business to list on the Australian Stock Exchange. She...
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