Topic: Shareholders

Think you know your shareholders? Let us help you get to know them better and better service their needs


Curly Worley: Earnings guidance, continuous disclosure and unformed opinions

A recent Federal Court appeal ruling in a class action by shareholders against Australian engineering firm Worley has implications for boards.

New frontiers in climate activism

Recent developments demonstrate that climate change-related activism is no longer primarily the domain of ‘retail’ activist groups and that there has been a noticeable increase in institut...

New guide to navigating virtual AGMs, e-document execution and e-shareholder communications

To help organisations navigate the ongoing uncertainty around holding AGMs and executing electronic documents, a new guide has been released as a joint initiative between four key stakeholder groups.

Balancing stakeholder interests and shareholder returns

In the ongoing stakeholder management debate, the focus is shifting to the role of boards in developing a positive corporate culture and managing issues such as sexual harassment in the workplace.

Australian Governance Summit 2021: Gaps between community expectations and organisation’s actions po...

The constant tension boards face in meeting the needs of stakeholders and shareholders was a key focus of this year’s Australian Governance Summit. In the session Nowhere to Hide: Shareholders, ...

The 3 causes of dysfunctional boards – and what we can do about them

In a perfect world, we would see boards operate smoothly and harmoniously with no undercurrents or powerplays, no elephants in the room, with all voices being heard and valued. However, the greater co...

How can directors balance shareholder and stakeholder demands?

The escalation of issues at Rio Tinto and AMP reveal the need for directors to respond rapidly to investor and community concerns.

Directors must face the challenge of serving all stakeholders

Gone are the days of the easy mantra of shareholder primacy. Nowadays directors have obligations to achieve much more than just financial returns. However, as ethics fellow Clare Payne outlines, there...

The rise of Executive Kings

BDO’s Allan Feinberg examines six principles for finding a competitive and fair balance in executive pay.

Dilemma of innovation disclosure

Boards must ensure organisations tell the story in a fair, balanced and timely way.
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