Topic: Retail Trade

Australia's retail sector accounts for 5 percent of GDP, with the sector adapting well to digital disruption with growing online sales


The Amazon Effect

Australian business is bracing itself for the imminent arrival of Amazon, the US$150 billion online colossus, writes Beverley Head in this preview of the November Company Director cover story.

How humble groceries helped Coles Group boost performance during COVID-19

Unlike much of the wider retail sector, Coles Group increased its online capacity and grew sales during COVID-19. Chair James Graham AM shares their strategies for performing under pressure.

What is the future of franchising in Australia?

The impact of COVID-19 has pushed aside recent franchising scandals, but the federal government's Franchising Taskforce could save the sector from sinking.

Grim labour market as jobless rate hits 7.1 per cent

May’s Australian labour market report showed employment fell by more than 227,000 last month, while the unemployment rate rose to 7.1 per cent. It would have been much higher if the participation rate...

Jobless rate up to 6.2 per cent as employment falls

Mixed messages on the economy this week. The April labour market report showed the headline unemployment rate ‘only’ rose to 6.2 per cent, a much better result than markets had expected. But the devil...

Economic indicators plummet at a rate exceeding that of the Great Recession

Last week, we noted that the extent of financial market turmoil was reminiscent of the global financial crisis (GFC). This week we’ve seen increasing numbers of forecasters suggest that the Coronavir...

RBA goes unconventional as COVID-19 crises prompts radical policy responses

The economic impact of COVID-19 is unfolding through a series of interconnected crises. In the real economy these will take the form of vicious demand and supply shocks. Although these are now appeari...

Canberra hits the stimulus button as WHO declares pandemic and global markets tumble.

The federal government has announced a $17.6 billion stimulus package designed to support business and jobs. Markets are also pricing in another RBA rate cut at next month’s meeting. Signs of the im...

Central banks battle COVID-19 as RBA cash rate hits 0.5 per cent and Fed delivers first emergency ra...

The RBA cut the cash rate by 25bp this week, seeking to protect the economy from the economic and financial market disruption triggered by COVID-19. With only 25bp left before we hit the effective low...

Global financial markets flinch on virus fears

A quiet week on the Australian data front before next week’s big download, which will bring Q4:2019 GDP, as well as the 3 March RBA meeting. Instead, attention has focused on the sharp financial marke...

New forecasts, new risks...and some familiar themes

Last Friday, the RBA released its February Statement on Monetary Policy which showed the central bank is now more downbeat on the near-term outlook than it was back in November, due to the twin impact...
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