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The most successful companies work hard to ensure management and the board work in harmony


What should I be doing if my entity employs regular and systematic casual employees?

In May 2020 the Full Bench of the Federal Court handed down a decision in the case of Workpac Pty Ltd v Rossato. This case dealt with the circumstances in which employees engaged as casuals may be rec...

Managing board and management relationships during COVID-19

Boards should ensure they foster an environment of trust and empowerment to enable management to lead staff through crisis.

Bushfires pose challenges for NFPs

The catastrophic bushfires that Australia has witnessed this season started months earlier than usual, the ferocity of which has been described as unprecedented by experts. Horrific scenes were broadc...

Disruption expected to speed up revolving door of executive leadership

Differentiating between poor CEO performance and industry change becoming a bigger challenge, as boards hold management more accountable.

Why boards can't ignore middle management when it comes to change

Driving performance right through the organisation starts with working harder to connect those at the frontline with those at the top.

Directors’ playbook: The future of work

A seminal paper on the future of work and the challenges and opportunities it presents for boards.

3 hedge fund manager tips for boards dealing with shareholder activism

With hedge fund Elliott Partners' recent targeting of BHP Billiton heralding the potential for more shareholder activism in Australia, The Boardroom Report spoke to author and hedge fund manager Jeff ...

Bain & Company’s 5 forces shaping the firm of the future

At an AICD Directors’ Breakfast in Sydney last week, Bain & Company partner James Root outlined the five forces shaping the firm of the future as the era of shareholder primacy starts to break down.

How the C-suite sees risk: what boards should know

A recent international survey of C-suite and senior business leaders on the most pressing current and future risks to business could help align important risk conversations between board and managemen...

Advancing Women: Eliminating bias in feedback and promotions

In the most recent Gender Diversity Progress report, Melanie Sanders, Partner at Bain & Company explores the ways leaders can go about improving female representation at senior levels of organisations...
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