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Greater focus on director liability is coming

Regulators are now targeting individual directors and officers involved in corporate misconduct – taking a more aggressive enforcement approach, writes Andrew Eastwood.

Risk and compliance: rethinking the three lines of defence

The Institute of Internal Auditors has updated its three lines of defence risk model. CEO Peter Jones shares what directors need to know.

Findings from the ALRC corporate criminal responsibility final report

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) released its final report on corporate criminal responsibility on 31 August. Here are the key recommendations for boards.

AICD submission to the Senate Select Committee

On 28 May 2020, the AICD made a submission to the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19. The submission focuses on the AICD’s current perspective on regulatory and reform priorities to accelerate ...

Should corporate crimes have tougher penalties?

Human rights advocate and solicitor Teela Reid is calling for tougher action on corporate misbehaviour.

Safety is as much a board responsibility as it is a management one

A recent landmark case in the US shows the importance of directors overseeing core safety controls instead of leaving it all to management.

Is being on an ASX board really worth it?

Being a director on an ASX board comes with its risks. Leading directors discuss 7 reasons to be wary of being on an ASX board, and why it's still worth it.

Corporate criminal liability under review by ALRC

Ahead of the ALRC's report into corporate criminal liability, Professor Pamela Hanrahan discusses when and how a company should be made liable for the criminal activity of individuals.

What directors need to know about the Westpac money laundering allegations

AUSTRAC’s allegations that Westpac failed in its anti-money laundering obligations and may have put children at risk have shocked the community. Here’s what directors need to know.

Westpac revelations another shock to corporate Australia

The AUSTRAC allegations against Westpac have rocked corporate Australia. The issues raised are inexcusable and a great deal more work is needed to understand how this happened.
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