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Facebook IQs 7 Trends

Facebook IQ, the research arm of the social media giant, has released its first Annual Topics & Trends Report. Using Facebook's conversation data from its two billion users, the report reveals the...

Could robots replace directors?

Speaking at the 2019 AGS, Chief Scientist Alan Finkel AO discussed top issues for boards on innovation and AI, and whether director robots could ever replace humans.

8 trends reshaping the global business landscape

CSIRO's Data61 Senior Scientist Stefan Hajkowicz outlines the major trends reshaping the business landscape, and how directors can manage the associated risks.

Fintech hub Stone & Chalk's strategy for scaling up

NFP Fintech hub Stone & Chalk chair and CEO outline their plan to help finance startups achieve success.

This Canadian innovation hub is driving economic growth

Toronto's MaRs Discovery District, one of the world's largest innovation hubs for startups, is creating a thriving community for entrepreneurs.

Hot spots for Australia's startups

A growing number of startup hubs in Australia are working on new ways to draw in like-minded innovators to boost creativity.

Alan Finkel AO on robo-directors and artificial general intelligence

Robo-directors are already operating in the world and a non-human entity named Vital has sat since 2014 on a board for Hong Kong venture capital firm Deep Knowledge Ventures, according to Australia’s ...

Innovation is on the rise in Victoria

The AICD is working to ensure directors prepare for a wave of innovation and the challenges it will bring.

AI and data must be owned by the board: Microsoft CTO

Public perception of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often coloured by its potential risks. However, AI’s application in business is increasing at an incredible pace and the real risk to organisations...

Getting to the root of strong culture with Steve Vamos GAICD

Steve Vamos GAICD, CEO of Xero, shares his insights on the true meaning of good culture and why it’s directly linked to the performance of an organisation.

Governance has never been more important: Helen Coonan

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) opened its gates in November last year. Inaugural chair and former federal Assistant Treasurer Helen Coonan, spoke to us about priorities and chall...
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