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Facebook IQs 7 Trends

Facebook IQ, the research arm of the social media giant, has released its first Annual Topics & Trends Report. Using Facebook's conversation data from its two billion users, the report reveals the...

Beat of a different drum

Mina Radhakrishnan co-founded property management disruptor :Different in 2017 and now it’s expanding nationally with $25m series B funding led by CBA.

Digital change is an ongoing journey

Directors who focus on developing a sustainable innovation strategy are more likely to secure long-term gains. What are the key components of this approach?

Board governance and stakeholder interest

Despite recognition that understanding and being responsive to broader stakeholder interests is key to managing ESG and reputational risk exposures, certain drivers aren’t yet consistently refle...

Quantum wars

Canberra-based cybersecurity firm QuintessenceLabs is on the frontline of a new arms race — against the threat of weaponised computing — using “quantum to fight quantum”.

2021 Essential Director Update Presentation by David Thodey AO FAICD

For his presentation, David Thodey covered the response to COVID, the digital challenge, cyber security, culture, ESG and high-performing boards.

Rate of acceleration

Unicorns have been created inside Australia’s innovation hubs, but with these once-thriving spaces abandoned, the ecosystem has been forced to pivot and re-evaluate during the transition out of ...

A better tomorrow

Biotechnology, the innovation sector of the moment, has an estimated global worth of US$628b. With surging interest and investment, can it deliver?

A need for speed

Brisbane med-tech manufacturer Ellume’s COVID-19 test is in big demand offshore. From scaling for US growth to dealing with regulators, founder and CEO Sean Parsons is adamant that Australia can...

An insider’s guide to data governance, AI and turtle surveillance

Hosted by Narelle Hooper, Editor in Chief of Company Director magazine with guest Lee Hickin Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Australia.

Building an AI-first company: A director's guide

AI is complex and involves ethical challenges. How should directors be approaching this transformative technology? AI-focused venture capitalist Ash Fontana gives a how-to guide in this video.
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