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Revolution or evolution?

With its own constantly shifting parameters, the state of the Australian jobs market is causing companies and strategists significant concern, writes AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell MAICD.

Business activity strengthened in November, jobs rose in October

The real-time data is showing healthy recovery in the Australian economy, though the Q3 GDP release next week will show a sharp contraction due to the lockdowns.

Catching up on COP26; no sign yet of surging wages

COP26 concluded with the signing of the Glasgow Climate Pact. Judged against the key benchmarks of delivering enough emissions reductions to keep the world on track to meet the goals of the Paris Agre...

An initial assessment of COP26

The  26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties or COP26 concluded in Glasgow on 13 November 2021 with nearly 200 countries signing on to the Glasgow Climate Pact. Our prim...

Jobless rate jumps to 5.2 per cent

The main focus of this week’s Australian data releases was some early evidence on the post-lockdown labour market. One indicator came in the form of the October 2021 labour force results, althou...

RBA exits yield curve control

At this week’s monetary policy meeting the RBA announced an abrupt end to the policy of yield curve control that it introduced back in March last year. The RBA also changed the language around t...

What is COP26 and why is it important?: A Primer on the Glasgow Conference

With COP26 discussions underway, AICD Chief Economist Mark Thirlwell MAICD looks at what’s at stake and what it means for the global economy. Register today for our LinkedIn Live discussi...

Roof over your head

One thing the pandemic has not put an end to is the rampaging juggernaut that is rising property prices, writes AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell MAICD.

Underlying inflation surprises on the upside

The key data release this week was the third quarter Consumer Price Index (CPI). Attention focused not on the headline rate of inflation – which eased to three per cent year-on-year in the Septe...

Markets vs RBA on interest rates; China slows

This week’s RBA minutes show that earlier this month the central bank’s board remained confident that Australia was not headed for the kind of inflationary outbreak that would require an e...
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