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Weekly Updates

Here’s the latest weekly Economic Update from AICD Chief Economist Mark Thirlwell.

Crumbling confidence?

Business confidence dropped in June while consumer sentiment slumped in July. The Fed has signalled that it’s prepared to take out some insurance in the form of lower rates, prompting US share prices ...

‘Way down we go’: Cash rate hits a new record low

RBA rate cuts are like buses, you wait for ages for the first one to arrive only for the next one to turn up right afterwards. More signs of housing market stabilisation. Another record trade surplus...

What continued low inflation could mean for the Australian economy

AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell explores Australia's historic low inflation rate, and how this could affect the wider economy in Australia and overseas.

How low can the RBA rate cuts go?

Following the June 2019 cash rate cut to a new low of 1.25 per cent, experts are tipping another cut over the next few months.

Newcastle prepares for a post coal future

Newcastle, the world's largest coal export port city, sees diversification as the key for future prosperity.

2019 Post-election economic outlook

In the wake of the “status quo” election result, what’s next for the Australian economy? On the agenda are an ongoing housing sector correction, likely official Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) interes...

Director sentiment falls to lowest in two years on global economic uncertainty

The confidence of Australia’s company directors is at its lowest point in over two years according to the latest Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Director Sentiment Index (DSI).

2019 Federal Budget Analysis

What does the 2019 Federal Budget mean for your organisation and for the wider Australian economy? AICD Chief Economist Mark Thirlwell and Head of Policy Christian Gergis provide their analysis of maj...

Lack of trust an issue for Australia's economy

Australia's lack of trust in government and media will impact the trade, investment and finance sectors, says AICD's chief economist Mark Thirlwell.
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