Topic: Economics


Walking a fiscal tightrope

AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell MAICD analyses the salient takeaways from an election-year federal budget.

Starvation rations

Not-for-profits are not funded for their "true" costs, finds new research, with unfunded indirect costs stifling their operations and impact.

Current events

As the price of fuel heads north of $2 a litre, more businesses are considering the use of electric vehicles as a viable alternative — and Australia's previously slow adoption is changing, raisi...

Director sentiment falls amid global economic uncertainty | Director Sentiment Index 1H22

Director sentiment has fallen amid global economic uncertainty. Labour shortages top the economic challenges for directors, while economic management and climate change are the top concerns for direct...

RBA no longer ‘patient’ on inflation as Fed flags QT

After last week’s focus on fiscal policy and Budget 2022-23, this week attention switched back to monetary policy. And although the April 2022 meeting saw the RBA leave the cash rate unchanged a...

Elephant in the room

Australia’s productivity slowdown is a problem federal and state governments need to acknowledge and urgently address, writes AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell MAICD.

Relief is at hand

Directors tired of being over an insurance barrel now have some new tactics to tackle risk management.

Picking up the tab

The federal government has invested nearly $20m to encourage widespread adoption of e-invoicing. Despite the potential efficiency, plus cost and productivity gains, business awareness remains low.

Point of no returns

Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman Karen Payne GAICD is the watchdog tasked with keeping a critical eye on the tax office.

Budget 2022-23: Setting the Scene

Last week’s budget preview argued that Budget 2022-23 would most likely see the Government seek to balance the competing priorities of its fiscal strategy, which would indicate a move to budget ...
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