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Watching the labour market: unemployment steady but underemployment down

Minutes from the RBA’s July meeting confirmed the centrality of the labour market to the future trajectory of the cash rate. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.2 per cent in June but the un...

Crumbling confidence?

Business confidence dropped in June while consumer sentiment slumped in July. The Fed has signalled that it’s prepared to take out some insurance in the form of lower rates, prompting US share prices ...

Weekly Updates

Here’s the latest weekly Economic Update from AICD Chief Economist Mark Thirlwell.

‘Way down we go’: Cash rate hits a new record low

RBA rate cuts are like buses, you wait for ages for the first one to arrive only for the next one to turn up right afterwards. More signs of housing market stabilisation. Another record trade surplus...

Is waste the new watch word for business?

We examine how Australian business is coming to grips with the growing waste crisis. Here's what directors need to know.

Charting Australia’s fiscal footprint in international perspective

With the budget looming, I thought it would be interesting to provide a graphical tour of how Australia’s general government footprint compares to that of our peers in the OECD.

Battling narratives and Australia’s economic outlook

Large changes in business and consumer confidence can have important economic consequences, with swings in optimism and pessimism one source of shifts in overall economic momentum. Sure, the causality...

Introducing the AICD's new chief Economist

AICD's new chief economist Mark Thirlwell outlines the key trends shaping the global economy, technology and international relations.

11 global trends directors need to be aware of

From climate risk, to trade wars, to the global stock market, directors need to be across these trends to ensure organisational prosperity in 2019.

How will Australia's economy perform in 2019?

Deloitte Access partner Chris Richardson predicts the highs and lows for Australia's economy in 2019.
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