Topic: Director performance

Are you looking to improve your performance as a company director? AICD can help set you on the right path


Is a board career really worth it during COVID-19?

As boards continue to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, the increase in director workloads has prompted many to question the risk vs reward equation.

Women on ASX200 boards surpass 30 per cent

The percentage of women on ASX200 boards rose to 30.7 per cent at the end of January this year, but there are still 100 companies that have failed to reach the 30 per cent target, AICD CEO and MD Angu...

Crucial advice for all aspiring directors

From having passion to the importance of asking dumb questions, Simon McKeon AO, chair of Summer Housing, shares important advice for all aspiring directors.

Do these 5 dysfunctions resonate with your board?

AICD's new Boardroom Mastery course identified the 5 dysfunctions on a board, and how to overcome them. Are these traits present on your board?

Australian business profitability is not world best practice

Australian companies must boost performance through upskilling and better strategies to stack up to global standard, says Phil Ruthven AM.

Directors, how can you ensure the information you get from management is reliable?

Directors must be able to rely on assessments and information made by management about matters of legal and regulatory compliance, says Professor Pamela Hanrahan.

ASIC takes stand on director responsibilities relating to non-financial risk

ASIC Commissioner John Price discusses the importance of maintaining corporate governance standards through non-financial risks following the banking Royal Commission.

Changes ahead for Australia's corporate law

Increased penalties for dishonest directors are part of a tougher corporate law enforcement regime.

Introducing AICD's new chair, John Atkin

AICD's new chair John Atkin urges directors to use the Hayne Royal Commission as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Should directors have professional qualifications to sit on a listed board?

The banking Royal Commission has revealed the need for greater accountability and prompted debate over whether professional director qualifications are a way forward.
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