Topic: Director opportunities

Are you fully aware of the directorship opportunities available to you? AICD will help you connect with them


The world of Worley

A global professional services provider in the energy, chemicals and resources sector, Worley has undergone a quiet strategic pivot, repositioning itself for the massive sustainability challenges ahea...

How to find global board roles

The year 2021 will be different in terms of finding director roles, especially for global board positions. It will remain competitive, but with many meetings being conducted over Zoom, a wider range o...

Taking the next step in your director career

Aspiring directors looking for a seat at the board table – whether it be part-time alongside their careers in management, or those looking to make the transition to full-time director – face stiff com...

Questions to ask before searching for your first director role

For many professionals, beginning the search for a director role feels like a natural transition; the next step in their careers. However, not everyone is suited to the role of a director. With it com...

Nurturing your strategic networks

If what they say is true – that more than half the population secures a job through somebody they already know – your networks play an essential role in getting you a seat at a board table.

Tips for establishing your online presence

Social media is a powerful tool. If used appropriately, social media can provide career opportunities, public recognition, connections, and a forum to discuss ideas with peers and wider networks in a ...

Crucial skills and qualities of a director

As a director, your skills are an essential part of your personal brand. Each director will bring a unique combination of skills and experience to each board role.

Directors, are you passionate about your board roles?

Elizabeth Jameson, non-executive director of Queensland Theatre Company, says your passion for board roles is an important contributor to longevity.

Five questions to ask about your next board role

Deciding whether to take on a new board role can be a complex process involving due diligence, commercial sensitivity and canny detective work. But there are ways to make the process more effective, i...

How to build your personal brand to get that board seat

You could call it career hustling, or you could call it career smarts. Social media expert Sam Mutimer calls it leveraging your personal brand to get that board seat. That’s how the founder of Thinkta...
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