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COVID-19: Supporting your organisation’s work-from-home mobilisation

For some, remote working has been a valuable working solution for several years. However it didn’t just occur overnight and, for many, it was possible because they could depend on a co-located office-...

COVID-19: Force majeure risk and opportunity

Force majeure clauses in contracts are now being carefully scrutinised, given that they might be invoked by organisations who are unable to perform under their contracts due to the impacts of, or resp...

COVID-19: Seven steps to adapting business continuity plans for crisis

The crisis triggered by the contagion of COVID-19 is still escalating. The pandemic has taken hold in Australia and business continuity plans and strategies are being adapted for this crisis.

COVID-19: Coordinating board and management roles and responsibilities during a pandemic

During any crisis it is important to ensure there is a clear understanding between the board and management of their respective roles – meaning the tasks, responsibilities and processes that each will...

COVID-19: Effective internal and external crisis communications

The COVID-19 pandemic is both a social and financial crisis where trust will be central to corporate and political survival. People at all levels of the organisation are being asked to change the way ...

Federal Government responds to ACNC review but no clarity on directors’ duties yet

The Government has finally released its response to the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) review (published in 2018). Significantly, the Government has highlighted its support...

New AICD Director Tool – Data and Privacy Governance

The AICD has joined forces with the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) to publish our latest director tool Data and Privacy Governance. The tool is designed to help directors shape the...

Important questions to ask before joining a board

Though joining a board can bring rewards and opportunities, it can also come with many risks. We outline key questions all directors should ask while evaluating their next board role.

The Observership Program: a new boardroom pathway

The Observership Program gives aspiring directors an opportunity to observe boardroom life up close. Directors share their experiences and tips for getting that crucial first board role.

3 tools all directors need to maximise their performance

The AICD have a range of tools designed to help directors assess and improve their performance and development. Here are three all directors should use.
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