Topic: Decision making

There are many steps organisations, their managers and boards should take before making a decision


Supply solution

Supply chain scrutiny is becoming more intense, bringing greater financial and reputation risks, and demanding greater levels of assurance and transparency from boards, write Dr Tom Janoshalmi MAICD ...

Are you ready for changes to cyber risk fraud controls?

A new Australian Standard AS8001:2008 - Fraud & Corruption Control was released on 11 June 2021. The standard is of particular importance to boards and importantly how they assess their cyber risk...

5 reasons directors must actively consider ethics in the boardroom

While directors are bound by fiduciary and statutory duties, including the duty to act in the best interests of the organisation, it is imperative that board decisions take an ethical lens and conside...

All payments large and small

The Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 (Cth) encourages large enterprises to pay invoices within 30 days. Directors should prepare before the September due date, writes Jason Ireland.

How boards can harness stakeholder voices

There are many strategies board members can employ to get more directly in touch with the needs of stakeholders. These can provide a powerful feedback loop to the business which can improve services a...

Decision-making strategies for directors

From managing stakeholders and uncertainty to irreversible consequences, using decision theory can lead to better organisational outcomes, writes Dr Stefan Hajkowicz.

Mind the gap: Call for boards to check execs on company values

Australian company directors should do more to close the gap between values espoused at board level and the differing actions of executives, according to governance expert Barry Rafe FAICD who teaches...

Qantas chair Richard Goyder AO says climate should be front of mind for boards

Chair of Qantas and Woodside Petroleum, Richard Goyder AO, says now is the time for boards to step it up, challenge decision-making and help management do its job.

What directors need to know about ASIC's new supervisory approach

ASIC will use a new approach to ensure a more responsible attitude towards decision making in the financial services industry.

Human and robo directors set to rub shoulders

Artificial intelligence expected to have a bigger role in board decision-making.
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