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Does your organisation have a culture that supports better collaboration, opportunity and purpose for optimal productivity


Dealing with toxic behaviour in the boardroom

Bad boardroom behaviour can manifest itself in many ways – through particular directors controlling debate, via the words of a ranting chair, by board members belittling, blaming, or undermining...

Investors put boards on notice over stronger social governance

Recent cases such as Rio Tinto and AMP show that managing stakeholder interests has never been more challenging for boards, especially in terms of social governance and meeting the demands of investor...

Sally Pitkin on the evolution of governance: “We’ve got people issues on the board agenda”

Dr Sally Pitkin FAICD is the 2020 recipient of the AICD Queensland Division Gold Medal Award. Over her 25 year board career, Dr Pitkin has consistently promoted the highest standards of corporate gove...

Governing company culture: Insights from Australian directors

The AICD and the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) have partnered on a new report Governing company culture: Insights from Australian directors that provides real-world insights fr...

AICD-ACSI publication explores culture during COVID-19

Over 1,700 directors were surveyed for the AICD’s Director Sentiment Index in September. The results reveal that oversight of culture remains a key focus - with 86% of directors trying to affect...

What's your board doing to raise awareness on workplace sexual harassment?

A recent report by the Australian Human Rights Commission underscores the need for director education on sexual harassment in the workplace.

Prominent AICD members share their views on AMP and Rio Tinto

While the full facts of each case are not yet publicly known, the recent actions of AMP and Rio Tinto have been widely reported as falling short of community and stakeholder expectations. Several prom...

CEO message regarding AMP and Rio Tinto

Over recent days much has been said and written regarding the actions of AMP and Rio Tinto, and their consequences. While the full facts of each case are not publicly known, it is clear that the cond...

What happens to culture in a crisis?

How do boards effectively monitor organisational culture with more employees working remotely? An AICD roundtable with leading directors discuss the issues.

Trent Bartlett on the importance of working together during a crisis

Trent Bartlett, experienced director and facilitator of the AICD Company Director Course, says cooperation will be crucial for COVID-19 recovery.
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