Topic: Board competencies

How competent is your board? Talk to us about how to inject the right skills, experience and capabilities?


Stress rehearsal

Scenario planning and stress testing provide a structured approach for board and management to deal with strategic opportunities and threats in 2022 and beyond, writes Peter Deans GAICD.

AICD member reflections

As 2021 draws to a close, these AICD members reflect on another year of  uncertainty and upheaval, but anticipate brighter times ahead.

What was and what will be

For Reserve Bank of Australia board member and deputy chair of Fortescue Metals Group Mark Barnaba AM MAICD, the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic have only strengthened his belief that boards need...

What boards should look out for this 2020 AGM season

In a year marred by a global pandemic and significant governance controversies in Australia, expect to see heightened shareholder scrutiny of board decision-making.

Five cyber-security questions for boards in 2020

How has the COVID-19 crisis changed the cyber-security landscape in Australia? A recent AICD webinar addressed this question, examining the new $1.67 billion Australian national cybersecurity strategy...

Quick board response could save your organisation during a ransomware attack

In 2019, YMCA NSW was hit with a ransomware attack that encrypted its operating system. Instead of paying the ransom, board and management made a quick decision that helped the organisation take back ...

How is your board managing risk?

For a board, having a strong risk appetite is integral to an organisation's success. Here is a guide to understanding and managing risk in the boardroom.

Former federal court judge Annabelle Bennett AO SC on life beyond the bench

Former federal court judge and Bond University chancellor Dr Annabelle Bennett AO SC shares her life lessons, from law school to intellectual property.

Top tips for making the most of your board papers

Senior directors and facilitators explain how brevity, clarity and colour can help you get the best out of your board papers.

Case to deepen the director gene pool

Australian companies must cast their nets wider if they are to thrive internationally.
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