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Board Diversity Statistics

At the Australian Institute of Company Directors we believe that we have a leadership role to play to improve board diversity both at home and internationally.

More than a third of ASX200 boards are still at less than 30% women | 18 November 2020

Another eight companies in the ASX 200 have reached the target of 30 per cent women on their boards this quarter. However, there are still 87 companies whose boards have not yet reached 30 per cent. N...

How one director started the conversation on sexual harassment in the workplace

James Fazzino, chair of Manufacturing Australia, explains how he came to be a champion of gender equality and diversity in the boardroom.

Prominent AICD members share their views on AMP and Rio Tinto

While the full facts of each case are not yet publicly known, the recent actions of AMP and Rio Tinto have been widely reported as falling short of community and stakeholder expectations. Several prom...

CEO message regarding AMP and Rio Tinto

Over recent days much has been said and written regarding the actions of AMP and Rio Tinto, and their consequences. While the full facts of each case are not publicly known, it is clear that the cond...

Gender diversity reaches 31.3% on ASX 200 boards | 19 August 2020

While the proportion of women on ASX 200 boards has risen to 31.3%, only half of those companies have individually reached the 30% target, highlighting that there is still work to be done.

Gender diversity holds steady at 30.7% on ASX 200 boards

As the COVID crisis provides an opportunity for corporate Australia to rethink the leadership of the future, the AICD continues to advocate for a 40:40:20 gender balance in Australia’s leading busines...

Boards getting to grips with company culture

Keeping a finger on the pulse of values and setting the pace for change.

Moral climate matters: creating an ethical culture by influencing moral climate

A practical guide to what boards can do to create a moral climate

Setting the right boardroom culture

How to ensure team of directors pulls strongly in the right direction.
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