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How the resources sector beat COVID-19

Well-oiled crisis response plans and a "safety first" culture helped Australia's risk-averse resources sector not only survive the pandemic but also thrive.

Suncorp chair Christine McLoughlin's big-picture view of governance

What's the best way to deal with emerging opportunities and challenges? Focus on the big issues, advises Suncorp chair Christine McLoughlin.

How to build organisational resilience

Resilience NSW chief Shane Fitzsimmons AFSM says the key to building resilience is planning and preparing for disaster scenarios at a local level. But first we have to combat complacent attitudes towa...

Board Level, an AICD podcast powered by CommBank's ‘Women in Focus'

In Board Level, award-winning journalist Catherine Fox speaks to leading female directors about their journey to the boardroom and the ‘one thing they wish they’d known’.

Megan Clark AC's plans for Australia in space

Speaking from the 2020 Australian Governance Summit, Dr Megan Clark AC, head of the Australian Space Agency, says there are big plans over the next ten years to expand our presence in space.

Future trends impacting the boardroom

AI, climate change, diversity of thought and 5G are key trends challenging boards and organisations. Are you prepared? Plus, how should your board go about setting executive pay?

AGS 2020: the new governance landscape

From the threat of COVID-19 to the future of boards in 2030, we summarise the keynotes from the Australian Governance Summit in March.

Lead with humility

As a nation and in every sector of the economy we are facing a test of leadership.

The questions that directors should not be afraid to ask

Many factors can influence boardroom discussions, including geopolitical uncertainty and market volatility. Having a diverse board can help boards have the difficult conversations.

Australian Governance Summit 2020 Videos

Watch the latest videos from keynote speakers, experts and thought leaders at the AICD’s annual Summit.
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