Cyber Security Risk: Taking Action Before It’s Too Late

Australian companies and institutions are grappling with unprecedented cyber security risks. How can boards ensure their organisations have the right measures in place to mitigate cyber security threats? What steps should directors take to ensure they have the correct oversight for management of online risks?

Dark Arts: Governing the Creative Recovery

The creative and cultural sectors have been hard hit by COVID-19. What can directors do to help theatres, music halls and galleries withstand the tough times? What plans need to be in place as audiences return? How has the governance of arts organisations changed?

Climate Change: The Next Challenge

Cameron Adams, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Canva talks about the actions Canva is taking to achieve their climate goal of net zero by 2040, and becoming a force for good in the 21st century.

Insights from ASIC Chair, Joe Longo

Joe Longo, Chair of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, offers insights and perspectives on regulation, governance and accountability.

Presentation from BHP Chair Ken MacKenzie

BHP Chair Ken MacKenzie talks about the growth in expectations of shareholders and other stakeholders, and the role of Boards in unlocking the opportunities that exist within ESG.

Resolve and Resilience - What's next for NFPs?

NFP organisations showed remarkable resilience throughout the pandemic, and many have a positive outlook for the future. How can we ensure this vital sector recovers and thrives-post crisis? What lessons did NFP directors learn during the crisis?