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How long will it take for global travel to rebound?

When will global travel resume? And what will it take for the sector to rebuild and recover? These issues were explored by directors from the travel and tourism industries at the 2021 Australian Gover...

Australian Governance Summit 2021 wrap-up

At the AICD's 2021 Australian Governance Summit, top chairs and directors discussed hot topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement, innovation and new ways of working.

Navigating Australia-China trade tensions

What does the deterioration of Australia's relationship with its major trading partner mean for companies caught in the crossfire of Chinese economic coercion?

Taking a position

The pandemic has tested us: our individual resilience, the strength of our economy and the ability of our organisations to adapt.

Are you a mindful leader?

An AGS 2021 panel heard that workplaces should do more to support employee health and wellbeing and help people recover from mental illness.

How to gain a competitive advantage through innovation

Leading directors and experts explain why a culture of innovation can fast-track an organisation's competitiveness, success, market share and growth.

Woolworths chief Gordon Cairns on shifting corporate culture

Chairman Gordon Cairns helped save Woolworths from crisis, including a $500m wage theft scandal. He reveals the supermarket giant's strategies for cultivating a performance culture – with heart,...

Balancing stakeholder interests and shareholder returns

In the ongoing stakeholder management debate, the focus is shifting to the role of boards in developing a positive corporate culture and managing issues such as sexual harassment in the workplace.

Australian Governance Summit 2021: Gaps between community expectations and organisation’s actions po...

The constant tension boards face in meeting the needs of stakeholders and shareholders was a key focus of this year’s Australian Governance Summit. In the session Nowhere to Hide: Shareholders, ...
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