Digital Directors webinar series

Now is the time for Australian directors and leaders to act and support the innovation of digital transformation.  

Digital Directors is a 10-topic webinar series that provides critical insights for directors seeking to enhance their knowledge and capability in new and emerging digital governance practices.   

Focusing on expert advice and practical skills, the series will help you leverage key trends in technology and navigate an evolving digital landscape for organisational sustainability. 

View the series schedule below.     

Webinar Topics & Registration

The Digital Directors webinar series is your opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape from industry experts and leading directors.

Digital Resilience – Cyber enablers and accelerators

Unpacking the core components of cyber resilience.

Host: Alastair MacGibbon

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Digital Risk – Balancing security, trust, and performance

How do directors establish and maintain oversight of digital risks.

Host: Robert Hillard & Sue Macleman FAICD

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Placing innovation at the heart of strategy

Embracing an 'agile approach' for continuous improvement and innovation.

Hosts: Prof. Nicholas Davis & Dr Peter Wilton

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Digital Disruption – Moving from surviving to thriving

Adapting with speed to digital disruption. Understanding the digital environment, market forces and competitors.

Host: Joanne Jacobs

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Effective governance of your digital assets

Understanding the value of your data for growth and performance efficiencies, as well as the risk of lost opportunity.

Hosts: Prof. Mervyn E. King & Carolynn Chalmers

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Governing with a digital mindset

A holistic and comprehensive look at what a digital mindset really is, how it will increase director’s confidence to influence boards when deciding on the right digital vision for their organisation and why this is key to the business success. 

Host: Louise McElvogue FAICD

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Digital Transformation - Governance of the transition 

Monitoring your digital transformation projects and beyond.  

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Digital Transformation - Navigating future trends  

What can business do to unlock the potential of place in a digital economy and what should directors’ question and understand when governing digital innovation designed to drive future prosperity?   

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Digital Director Expectations – Legal, ethical, and societal change 

Connecting technology back to Directors regulatory, contractual, and social obligation. How they can influence long term change.

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Enterprise Agility – Board planning for the future of work  

What key emerging trends should directors focus on that are likely to influence society, and operational context of organisations.   

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