What are the key competencies a board and organisations need to have when dealing with an emerging and evolving crisis situation? During this webinar we will cover the areas of response and recovery from a crisis.

Firstly Mark will cover the unique dynamics that emerge during a crisis and are not always present or considered during normal operations. As well as the response activities of:

  • Executing the current plans in place.
  • Executing your communications strategy
  • Managing the media juggernaut (traditional media and social media)
  • What are your go-to tools for a crisis response, to ensure an effective response

Lastly Mark will discuss when to shift from responding activities into recovering and evaluating your crisis response covering:

  • Returning to normal operations — what does normal look like?
  • Questions asked in every crisis
  • Conducting a thorough diagnostic and review of the crisis including an analysis of the processes, tools and capabilities.
  • Turning a negative situation into a positive outcome.

At the end of the webinar you will understand what tools, processes and capabilities come into play during a crisis, and what is critical to the recovery and return to business as usual.