This practical, interactive webinar works from the basics up, setting the foundations, then building from there to understand the full role of the chair.

Specifically, our hosts will examine:

  • The role of the chair inside and outside of the organisation
  • The skills and personal qualities needed to be an effective chair 
  • Succession planning, selection and induction to maximise probability of an effective chair
  • Managing key relationships effectively
  • Facilitating effective meetings – tips and tricks
  • Special considerations for family business, Indigenous and multicultural meetings
  • What to do if your chair is ineffective

The chair’s role is a balancing act between organisational responsibility, board leadership and mentorship. It is a pivotal position that highlights the importance of an organisation’s quest for good governance. Join the webinar to understand the basic or gain a refresher on good practices in today’s changing landscape.

If you want to further understanding the chair’s role in meetings and/or dealing with difficult meetings, take a look at the ‘Spotlight on’ series for ‘Chairing difficult meetings’ and ‘Effective meetings’