One of the key responsibilities of a board is setting and guiding the organisation’s future direction and defining a strategy that can deal with ‘wicked problems’. Directors need to be able to dig deeper to make sense of these problems.

Different perceptions of wicked problems, however, make them difficult to clearly define. There is a tangled web of causes and no apparent right answers. A wicked problem may not even have a defined form, making it difficult to establish what the problem is.

Led by Dr Keith Suter, a leading economist and strategist, this webinar will provide techniques to help directors ask the right questions and provide solutions.

Dr Suter will:

  • explain what a wicked problem is;
  • discuss how to work through the complexity of a wicked problem;
  • explore some emerging thinking on how to address the issues;
  • suggest techniques for boards to use in addressing wicked problems; and
  • explain how to practically use the techniques.

Join this webinar to redress how you identify issues and uncover ways to overcome wicked problems.