Why do smart, highly qualified and mostly well-intentioned directors make poor board decisions that don’t reflect well on themselves and their organisations?

Join us to explore ways to assess, harness and minimise negative patterns of influence, and in turn create a more effective board.

Presented by the organisational psychologist who works with AICD on the Boardroom Mastery™ course, this webinar gives insights into how the individual and collective psychology of directors often changes boardroom outcomes.

The webinar will explore the four key leadership patterns of influence* (Dominant, Charismatic, Emotive and Supporter) and cover:

  • How the patterns present in meetings and affect group dynamics
  • How they impact on board discussions and decision making
  • What directors and chairs can do to minimise their impact, and even harness these influence dynamics for improved performance

By the end of this session you will understand:

  • Why and how bad decisions can happen on your board
  • Your influence in the boardroom and whether it needs addressing

*Please note - participants will be able to assess their own behaviours during the session with anonymity or share the results should they wish.