Hosted live on International Human Rights day, experts from the Australian Human Rights Commission and KPMG Banarra Human Rights & Social Impact Services will explain how the legislation affects you and how your business must prepare for the new reporting requirements, including:

  • How to identify your modern slavery risks and how to manage them.
  • Assessing the reporting readiness of your business.
  • Practical responses to the reporting requirements.
  • Implications of not producing a statement.
  • Expected societal, consumer and investor scrutiny.
  • Being proactive about modern slavery even when it is not an organisational requirement.

‘Knowledge is crucial. Boards need to turn their minds to modern slavery and understand this is now a core business risk that they must address.’ Dr Meg Brodie, Director, KPMG Banarra Human Rights & Social Impact Services.

It is crucial that directors understand the reporting requirements and due diligence processes needed to ensure effective reporting.