It is therefore unsurprising that one of the most important relationships for our prosperity is between business and government. This relationship is particularly important in highly regulated industries, although all businesses—from the biggest employers, to the local milk bar—have some level of government interaction.

Join our host Robert Webster, current director and former parliamentarian, to examine:

  • How executives, directors and boards can improve their relationship with governments including bureaucracy, opposition and crossbench.
  • The importance of evaluating a company’s engagement with government when assessing business risk.
  • The importance of government in the organisation’s stakeholder engagement and its potential for disruption.
  • Red flags and approaches to avoid

The webinar will help you to understand, engage with and respond to government as a key stakeholder and will reference the Korn Ferry report Business and Government – a complex dance. This report summarises 20 interviews of ministers and industry leaders offering advice on how to effectively build a working relationship with government.

By the end of this webinar you will understand ‘both sides of the fence’ and have a useful resource for boards, CEOs, executive teams, and government-affair practitioners to better navigate an often-fraught relationship, which will ultimately benefit business industry and the community.