This webinar reviews the key duties and responsibilities of directors to their stakeholders with pointers on the public nature of the obligations and how to avoid breaches and falling foul of the law.

The webinar is divided into three sections and covers:

Common (or judge-made) Law and the Corporations Act which forms the basis of a director’s main duties, including the duties:

  • to act with care and diligence, and the business judgment rule;
  • to act with good faith;
  • regarding use of position; and
  • to not misuse position.

Financial duties:

Director’s duties comprise a range of financial responsibilities including:

  • the obligation to keep financial records;
  • not to trade while insolvent; and
  • duties relating to voidable transactions prior to the winding up of a company.
  • Protective mechanisms:

    The third and final part of the webinar touches on mechanisms directors can utilise to protect themselves from liability and other breaches.

    Note: This webinar will not cover Work Health and Safety, Discrimination, or Fiduciary Duties (although fiduciary duties will be touched upon briefly in respect of good faith).

    Join this webinar for a practical understanding of directors’ duties, and to deepen your core knowledge on this essential topic.