However, not every board member finds it easy to read and interpret a page full of numbers, including financial ratios, KPIs and spreadsheets.

A popular trend increasingly being used by boards is the presentation of financial information in the format of a financial dashboard, where key trends and data are presented visually, using pie and bar charts. This visualisation often allows for easier identification of trends, warning signs and alarm bells.

The purpose of this webinar is to explain how financial ratios relevant to an entity are calculated and provide some tips on how this information may be presented using a financial dashboard.

Specifically, this webinar will cover:

  • Calculation of key financial ratios where the entity’s liquidity, operating performance, financial stability and profitability will be assessed over a number of years
  • Drawing conclusions as to what the ratios are telling us
  • How a financial dashboard may be created for the board of directors for presentation at their board meeting using the key financial ratios

For this series to be of most benefit, we suggest you have a basic level of understanding of what to look in your board financials. For a 'starting' level of board finance please consider Part 1: Financial statements — interpret, analyse and deduce.

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