Although the risk of individual prosecution is real for many directors, safety legal due diligence should be the outcome of effective leadership, not the only goal.

Balancing legal compliance with good leadership is essential. Leaders who not only understand legal due diligence, but also truly believe in safety and demonstrate desired behaviours, are more likely to improve safety outcomes.

This webinar will outline safety obligations compared with WHS responsibilities and explain the directors role in discharging effective due diligence.

What we will cover:

  • Understanding your legal obligations including WHS, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and the new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) changes
  • Safety Due Diligence Framework
  • Six keys to effective safety leadership
  • Simple recommendations on how to demonstrate WHS ⁄ CoR due diligence
  • Identifying underlying cultural and organisational blocks to achieving sustainable change

This webinar will provide practical examples of how to demonstrate safety legal due diligence and provide ways to demonstrate WHS ⁄ CoR legal due diligence

This webinar will appeal to directors and/or officers and those who want to be more effective safety leaders through positive change.