Regardless of the size of the entity, boards play an important role in ensuring whistleblowers are emboldened to ‘speak up’, acknowledging they are an essential part of an organisation’s ability to detect and address misconduct. 

Understanding ‘no one size fits al’, this webinar will give you insights into  evolving guidance and practical measures to support an effective whistleblower program. It will cover: 

  • Whistleblowing in 2022: the current ‘lay of the land’ for private sector whistleblowing protections in Australia;
  • Snapshot update on ASIC’s findings from its review of 102 whistleblower policies in 2021 and ASIC’s current review of whistleblower programs;
  • Good governance arrangements and practical strategies to support an effective whistleblowing program;
  • Integrating data from whistleblower reports with other information sources for boards to make decisions; and
  • Common roadblocks to effective whistleblowing programs and practical strategies to address them.