Webinar Scenario

You have been a director on the Community Aged Care (CAC) board for the last 12 months. CAC has managed to avoid the ravages of COVID-19, but the impacts of the Royal Commission into Aged Care are yet to be fully assessed. You are concerned how the focus only on COVD-19 matters has left you and your fellow directors exposed, both professionally and morally.

During this scenario, you will need to decide and influence your fellow participants to undertake the most appropriate course of action to address the evolving situation. You will explore the options available and come to a decision when dealing with a conflict of interest and balancing the budget; whilst meeting the health needs of your service users and government, and community expectations.. This will be a consultative process and will include:

  • Clarifying the issue;
  • Gaining consensus on the options;
  • Agreeing the best path forward;
  • Implementing the agreed option; and
  • Providing the feedback with respect and dignity.

This is an opportunity to test your decision-making skills and remind you of the processes, tools and behaviours to apply in similar situations. You will need to have a practicing knowledge of director duties and good practices.