Globally we are seeing the formation of the International Sustainability Standards Board and a potential draft of its climate reporting standard is likely to appear shortly. The new ASX Corporate Governance Recommendation 4.3 (integrity of corporate reporting) and revised Recommendation 7.4 (ESG risk disclosure, including as to climate change) were already in force for 30 June 2021 corporate reporting.

A panel of experts will explore this new terrain and its impact to ensure reliable corporate reporting meets broader expectations and is of value to all its stakeholders. They will cover:

  • An update on changes and trends in global and Australian corporate reporting systems
  • The changing Australian legal, corporate governance and reporting environment including:
    • Changing interpretations about director duties in relation to climate reporting
    • Early experiences with the new ASX Corporate Governance Recommendation 4.3 dealing with the integrity and reliability of corporate reports
  • A director’s perspective on evolving director responsibilities
  • An investor’s perspective on whether the changes will better meet their information needs
  • Practical tips for directors on what they might do to alter their approach to reporting to better align with these emerging trends