Boards are being faced with many decisions impacting forward financial performance in the face of a pandemic challenged economy post stimulus. Is your board across these issues, the available strategies and options which may well aid viability and in turn, your business performance?

Presented by corporate turnaround professionals who will share their strategic, financial and legal expertise, and provide key perspectives of likely issues businesses will face in the coming months and considerations for 2022.

They will cover:

  • Strategic considerations
    • Iterative strategy concentrating on short to medium term outlook
    • Stakeholder negotiations -such as with your financier, landlord, vendors, customers and the ATO
    • Importance of Communication with key stakeholders
  • Liquidity considerations
    • Business performance and capacity to withstand adversity
    • Working capital management and alternative financing options
  • Solvency considerations
    • Is 'SafeHarbour' an option?
    • Key considerations and strategies
  • Related workplace and workforce planning considerations