At a time when organisations are increasingly asserting their purpose and values, boards need to be mindful of the ethics of association.

This webinar will explore the ethics of association from donations to sponsorships, partnerships, endorsements, and investments and cover:

  • How do you decide? Introducing simple ‘tests’ and guiding questions to ensure you ask the right questions before committing or renewing associations.
  • The ‘ethical goalposts’ of society – how do you ensure you stay between them?
  • Balancing competing interests, how can you strike the right balance?
  • Dealing with conflict and disagreement about associations– what if the board doesn’t agree?

This webinar will assist you to protect your social license, ensure your organisation lives up to its values and avoids being accused of ‘selling out’ or ‘buying favour’. It will draw upon examples such as not-for-profit donation acceptance policies, reviewing investment strategies and assessing supply chains.