When you join a board, you are likely to be unfamiliar with the dynamics occurring in the board and organisation. In this webinar we focus on the dynamic between a board and a challenging chair.

Webinar Scenario

Congratulations, you have just joined the board you have always wanted to. The organisation does a fantastic job, and the board has many high-profile directors. Your induction was refreshingly robust but included little contact with the chair. At your first board meeting, you listened cautiously until you had an understanding of how a board meeting is run. At the conclusion of the first board meeting, it was obvious that only the chair made decisions while other directors just nodded. What do you do?

During this scenario you will be asked to decide and influence the participants to undertake the most appropriate course of action. You will need to explore the options available and come to a decision for dealing with a dominant or bullying chair. This will be a consultative process and includes:

  • Clarifying the issue;
  • Gaining consensus on the options;
  • Agreeing the best path forward;
  • Implementing the agreed option; and
  • Providing feedback with respect and dignity.

This is an opportunity to test your decision-making skills and remind you of the processes, tools and behaviours to apply in similar situations. You will need to have a practicing knowledge of director duties and practices.