It is now incumbent on organisations to determine their initiatives to support real and substantial change in how sexual harassment is addressed. 

This webinar will cover the board’s role and a 'Framework for Response' by Clayton Utz partner Cilla Robinson, and special counsel Amanda Lyras, covering:

  • the key legal considerations associated with taking a more decisive and transparent approach to preventing sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • the balance between confidentiality and transparency when considering an organisation's response to sexual harassment;
  • the importance of bystander action and effective top down leadership;
  • roadblocks that can arise when allegations of sexual harassment are raised, including dealing with anonymous complaints, and how best to balance procedural fairness with decisive action; and
  • a snapshot of the proposed legislative reforms following the Respect@Work Report;

By the end of the webinar you will be armed with a range of practical measures that will support your role in driving the prevention of, and response to sexual harassment in the workplace and have consideration for legal issues that may arise.